Investing in High Growth Impact

Mustard Seed’s Way Forward

We back the visionaries building a new tomorrow. The founders with a head screwed on tight and a heart in the right place. The ones who know you don’t have to choose between purpose and profit. 

We call this approach ‘lock-step.’

As an early-stage investor, we take the long view. Mustard Seed’s Member Network and Venture Fund combine for a new and robust approach to making sure the best ventures get off the ground and soar. 


Chris and Jack are providing addresses to 4 billion people worldwide.


Emily brings transparency to the crowd economy. 


Marc and Kevin halve food waste in commercial kitchens.


Katie and Sarah combat loneliness amongst new mothers.

Rubies in the Rubble

Alicia and Jenny fight food waste with relish. 


Dr. Stride and Professor Mohan are revolutionizing antibiotic delivery.


Lavinia and Natasha empower survivor’s of human trafficking. 


Adam and Ian fight fuel poverty. 


Jose delivers your healthcare, everywhere. 


Saasha and Tessa are ushering in the food sharing revolution.

Skin Analytics

Neil saves lives by detecting skin cancer earlier. 


Nick secured photo sharing amongst friends and family (acquired by Canon). 


Henry empowers Filipino students with a free tool to discover, search and apply to the best High School or College leading to their dream careers.

Hype Labs

Carlos and Andre are providing connectivity for people without Internet.

Guiding Lights


Ian Davis, Former CEO of McKinsey & Company

“Mustard Seed connects ideas and mission-rich entrepreneurs with network-rich members.  In doing so, Mustard Seed is positioned to create outcomes which otherwise may never happen.”


Pamela Hartigan, Oxford Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship (in memoriam)

“Believe in the power of unreasonable people.”


Kaj Relander, Senior Advisor to Mubadala

“Mustard Seed goes beyond imagining a world where capitalism can be more enlightened and inclusive. They are creating it.”


Mike Rees, Ex Deputy CEO, Standard Chartered

“I want to make investments that make the world a better place.”