Mar 05

IESE 2019 Pitch Competition

Mustard Seed is excited to return to IESE to host a pitching competition centred on tech-driven businesses as part of the Doing Good Doing Well conference on March 5th. We return to campus again seeking talented entrepreneurs who are committed to solving large societal issues leveraging technology. 

When: Tuesday, March 5th, 2019
Where:  Barcelona – Spain, IESE Business School 
Av. de Pearson, 21, 08034 Barcelona, Spain

Two days of prominent keynote speakers, panels, workshops and competitions. For more information click here

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Join us live on Twitter: #MSeedPitch@MSeedImpact, @iesedgdw

We Look Forward To Hearing Your Ideas

Submit Your Business Plan Here!


Mustard Seed welcomes submissions from ventures ranging from concept to early-growth stage. Please prepare submission materials (a deck or 2 minute video) that answer the questions below. Submission closes on Feb 25th! 


  • What social/environmental problem are you solving and how?
  • Why are you the right team to solve this problem?
  • What traction do you have (users, revenue, prototypes, etc.)?
  • How does your business make money? How does it scale?

  • How much money are you seeking and how will you spend it?
  • How is your company going to make the world a better place?