Invest With A New Lens

Mustard Seeds investment lens is termed lock-step, meaning we back founders whose businesses’ core product or service is inherently beneficial to society. Our founders have taken a new look at urgent global problems across economic inclusion, education, environmental sustainability, health, and family & community.
We believe innovation with the right motivations is the way forward. We think daily of the nearly unlimited upside Mustard Seed’s portfolio cumulatively drives – reducing the $1 trillion of food wasted globally, the potential to eliminate skin cancer mortality, the reduction of antibiotic therapy by up to 90% – and all ventures poised to enjoy compelling financial returns.
Mustard Seed is a principal investor in the most exciting innovations taking off in the UK and beyond. The Mustard Seed Venture Fund co-invests in early-stage businesses, typically at seed stage, alongside our Members, a network of business leaders taking a hands-on approach to the acceleration of our portfolio companies.  
If this thinking resonates with your outlook, please be in touch.